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Photo mes inspirations
My inspirations
THE PASTORAL SYMPHONY… Pulled by the large metronome of the seasons, Edouard knew to create his own partitions. End of its rod, this leader except par makes sing savours and the colors of Provence like anybody. Savory, arquebus, hysope, street, lavender… are based with the livestock or vegetable products resulting from the soil to deliver to our papillae savours hitherto unknown. Each dish of Edouard Loubet is a single work, each learnedly imagined met is an alchemy of triads. Aromatic plants and omnipresent grasses are not added by simple pretext; their presence in such or such dish is used to transcend the savour of the product to create a new taste, to tenderize a meat, to reinforce the taste of another, to refresh a fish…
What if I'd tell you everything ?
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SIMPLICITY, SMOOTHNESS AND LIGHTNESS…Cream and butter are proscribed at Edouard Loubet. Do not seek a point of fat in its mets: there is not quite simply. “I fight against heaviness”, the Chief insists. All its compositions thus tend towards the smoothness and lightness and rest on the subtle marriage of the tastes. The choice of the products and the respect of the environment.
My career path

The story begins in 1970. Edouard Loubet comes into the world in Val Thorens, where he spends his childhood. Gifted for mountain sports, he becomes a member of the France Espoir de Ski Alpin team. But, steeped in the family hotel/restaurant tradition (his mother Claude Loubet owns the Fitz Roy in val Thorens), he completes the C.A.P. training course at the Saint-Alban de Leysse CFA, and then flies off the the United States and Canada for a year. Back in France, he sends application letters to the 20 three star restaurants listed in the Michelin guide. Alain Chapel at Mionnay is impressed by his enthusiasm, and they work together for a year. Following this he joins Marc Veyrat's team in Annecy (where his passion for herbs is born), and later, Pierre Orsy's team (La Mère Brazier), and then Philippe Chavent's (La Tour Rose). He gives up mountains sports to reach other summits - those of French Gastronomy.

In 2005, Edouard Loubet moves his gourmet restaurant from The Moulin de Lourmarin to La Bastide de Capelongue.