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Cuisine spirit of Edouard Loubet
Photo j aime les produits
I love products
SIMPLICITY, SMOOTHNESS AND LIGHTNESS…Cream and butter are proscribed at Edouard
Loubet. Do not seek a point of fat in its mets: there is not quite simply. “I fight against heavi ness”, the Chief insists. All its compositions thus tend towards the smoothness and lightness and rest on the subtle marriage of the tastes. The choice of the products and the respect of the environment.
Why do I love cuisine !
Why do I love cuisine Photo 2 pourquoi
I love flavors
Savory, Arquebus, Hysope, Street, Lavender, Wild thyme, Sauge… are based with the dishes to deliver to our papillae savours hitherto unknown.
Each dish is a single work, each learnedly imagined met is an alchemy of triad.
“In each dish, I aspire to find what still has the savour of the authentic one, in order to make revive the memories and the dreams of my childhood…”
Products of the farm and garden

For Edouard Loubet, the choice of the products is a basic rule but also the heritage of a art dinning.

To cultivate its own garden, to do oneself its bread, belong to one simplicity to which it holds over all.

Photo produits