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Events & Trips of Edouard Loubet..

>> Gourmet Festival in Nairobi, Kenya "The Serena Group of Hotels"…
Edouard Loubet now expands his field of activities on the international level. With the Serena Group of Hotels, Prince Aga Khan Foundation (33 hotels in Africa, India and Pakistan).

>> Gourmet Festival in Bangkok, Thailand "The Sukhotaï Hotel" …   
Edouard Loubet takes the Provence to Thailand from 11 to 14 November 2009

>> Gourmet Festival in Phuket, Thailand "The Trisara Resort" … 
Edouard Loubet takes the Provence to Phuket in Thailand from 15 to 20 November 2009
>> Gourmet Festival in Saint Moritz, Switzerland "Saint Moritz Carlton" …  
Edouard Loubet is back at the "18th Saint Moritz Gourmet Festival 2010" in Saint Moritz, Switzerland from 1 to 5 February 2010 
>> Gourmet Festival in Vancouver, Canada, "Olympics 2010" …
Edouard Loubet takes the Provence to Canada for the Olympics 2010 from 17 to 24 February 2010

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The Secret Palate

The Palate of the Popes as you never saw it! A privileged visit of the residence ds sovereign pontiffs: private apartments, drying ovens, garde-robes, vaults and gardens. Hidden staircases and catch corridors will lead you storeroom to the terraces. A strange course which ends in a lunch and a tasting-discovery of the wines of the Coasts of the Rhone of the bottle-factory on the Terrace of the High-ranking dignitaries.

Centenary Olivier Messiaen

The town of Avignon honours Olivier Messiaen. Various demonstrations are installation by the town of Avignon with Orgue Homage to Messiaen, and the support of Messiaen 2008. With the wire of the months, concerts, conferences, exposures, theatre as of teaching work will be with the program many places of the city to greet this genious musician. Throughout the year the integral of the work of organ of Olivier Messiaen will be given.

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